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This juice fast program is designed to reset your immune system and support healing and rejuvenation by removing unwanted toxic acids and alkalizing your blood. The human body depends on a balanced PH for it to function, and human blood pH should be slightly alkaline. Almost all disease conditions of the body are associated with an acidic PH level in the body because an acid environment causes disease to thrive. By flooding your body with alkalizing minerals from leafy greens, herbs, veggies and fruits in their raw form you help to heal and protect your body against disease and aging. Enjoy 7 freshly made cold pressed and alkalizing juices each day, and choose the number of days to suit your preference. 


Most of what we humans are made of is water, and hydration is critical for energy, vitality and feeling our best. Many people go through their whole life chronically dehydrated caused by too much coffee, alcohol, heavily cooked food and hidden chemicals. When we are dehydrated our blood is thick which means more work for the heart to pump, and slow moving blood. Over time, thick blood can cause serious problems because pathogens & viruses thrive in people with thick blood. This juice fast program is carefully designed to cleanse the blood, reset your immune system, and support hydration from the inside out. Cold pressed juice from fruits and veggies in their raw form contain the highest level of hydration, in the form most bioavailable for the body. Flood your body with hydrating vitamins, minerals, enzymes, electrolytes and antioxidants while giving your digestive system a well deserved break. Enjoy 7 freshly made cold pressed and hydrating juices each day and choose the number of days to suit your preference. 


This sugar free juice fast program is carefully designed to help your body eliminate harmful pathogens while supporting good bacteria to thrive. Candida is a type of yeast that lives inside and on the human body. When in balance with good bacteria they actually help with immunity. However, overgrowth can cause many issues including fatigue, digestive disorders and infections. By excluding sweeteners and fruits, inflammation and pathogen overgrowth will diminish over time. Enjoy 7 freshly made cold pressed sugar free juices every day and choose the number of days to suit your preference

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Pure Celery, Spice Up, Classic Green, Cocobiotic, Ruby Mania, Pure Cucumber and Immunity Tonic


Pure Celery, Pure Cucumber, Virgin Mary, Cocobiotic, Ruby Mania, Classic Green and Immunity Tonic


Pure Celery, Cucumber With Lime, Green Gaspacho, Cocobiotic, Classic Green, Medicinal Broth and The Cure

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