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The Health Benefits of Fresh Organic Cold Pressed Juices at Alchemy Bali

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

The raw food craze in Bali is quickly growing as more and more people on the island sign up for raw food diets and especially juicing programs, according to Indonesia Expat.

The increased popularity of the latter is based on two factors. One, scientific studies that have proven the best way to acquire nutrients from raw foods is through cold-pressed juices. This is because they provide a large number of nutrients that are easily digested and assimilated by the body.  Two, the rise in awareness of the health benefits associated with raw cold-pressed juices has vastly grown. These include mental clarity, weight-loss, better sleep, and improved hair, skin and nail appearance.

Cold-pressed juices, apart from providing a hip alternative to consuming the daily recommended 5 fruit and vegetable servings, also boost energy levels, nourish ones digestive tract and improve physical appearance. A Kick In Your Energy Levels One of the most significant benefits of taking raw juices from organically grown produce is that it has an instant effect on your body. Cold-pressed juices, unlike blended drinks and smoothies, have less fiber so they are thin and do not require to be digested for long periods of time.

This means that the juices' nutrients are well accessible to your body upon consumption giving an immediate kick to the energy levels. A hydrating drink with cucumber, kale, celery, apples, and bok choy is a classic green energy booster. Positive Changes In Physical Appearance The benefits of taking a raw juice with ginger, carrot, spinach or kale are quite noticeable on your body, skin, nails as well as hair health. Along with benefits such as anti-inflammatory effects acquired from ginger, carrots and spinach give you healthy skin. They also help replace dead hair and nail cells with new strong ones.

Kale and spinach juices have properties that reduce blood pressure and lower bad cholesterol levels. Combining the juices of these veggies with other fruit juices adds to the macronutrient profile and thereby the nutritional value of the drink further improving your physical appearance. It simultaneously sweetens the drink so you get to kill two birds at the same time. 

An Overall Healthy Digestive Tract Another benefit of including cold-pressed juices in your dietary lifestyle is the health of your gut. This is the most crucial system in your body as its health affects everything from your brain to your mood. An unhealthy gut gives rise to diseases of the heart, blood vessels and other organs such as your liver and kidneys, making it almost impossible to enjoy your life. Ensuring your gut is healthy boosts your immunity and gives rise to other benefits in turn. Taking detox juices eliminates toxins in body organs active in digestion, feeds good bacteria present in the gut and, facilitates better absorption.

These are just s few of the benefits from regularly drinking raw juices. Incorporating raw juices is no doubt a positive action, but you should strive to omit toxic substances from your diet before you begin. Unhealthy sugars, alcohol and junk food deter your body's ability to maximise the benefits of cold-pressed juices. Instead, incorporating more raw, fresh, and whole vegetables and fruits into your diet that clean out your system will give you better results on your juicing journey.


Alicia Rennoll

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